Groups, Chapters, National Organization

What’s a Sierra Club Group?  What’s a Chapter?

Understanding the Sierra Club structure and organization is a little like figuring out quantum physics.  What is the Great Waters Group?  Aren’t we the John Muir Chapter?  And how does that relate to the big national Sierra Club headquartered in Oakland, CA?

All Sierrans are members of the national Sierra Club.  The national Club is governed by a 15-member volunteer Board of Directors.  Michael Brune, formerly of Rainforest Acton Network,  is our Executive Director.  The Club has somewhere around 830,000 members.

One level beneath National is Chapters.  In most cases, each state is a Chapter and a name.  Wisconsin was lucky enough to be named by one of the founders of the Sierra Club, John Muir.  So, we are the John Muir Chapter, made up of almost 19,000 of those national members.  We have a State Executive Director, Bill Davis, with an office and support staff in Madison.wiscgroups

Finally, each state is partitioned into Groups.  In Wisconsin, we have seven (7) regional groups.  You can see the names of the Groups and where they are in the State on the map below.  Our local Group is called the “Great Waters Group” (GWG). 

Lying in the southeastern region of the State, our 4,400 members comprise Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha, and Washington Counties, with some members also in Dodge County. 

We have a Volunteer Leadership Council that offers Outings, Programs, and environmental actions for our local members.   This website is an example of a GWG initiative.