Calculating Your Environmental Impacts

SafeClimate Carbon Dioxide Footprint Calculator SafeClimate's calculator allows individuals to calculate their "carbon footprint" and track their residential and transportation energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Emissions Calculator The emissions calculator tabulates your monthly emissions of seven air pollutants (in pounds) from electricity and natural gas consumption, airplane trips, and vehicle miles traveled (auto or sport utility vehicle/truck) and compares them with average national emissions.

Personal Environmental Impact Calculator Calculates personal environmental impacts from home energy, transportation, recycling habits and water usage.

Travel Matters Emissions Calculators Travel Matters provides a trio of resources - interactive emissions calculators, online emissions maps, and educational content - that emphasize the relationship between more efficient transit systems and lower greenhouse gas emissions. TM's Emissions Calculator shows how much carbon dioxide you emit based to your travel decisions.

Carbon Counter is an individual carbon dioxide emissions calculator.

Energy Advisor / Home Energy Saver Home Energy Saver is designed to identify the best ways to save energy in your home, and find the resources to make the savings happen. In addition, the Home Energy Saver's "Making it Happen" and Energy Librarian" can connect you to  "how-to" information on the Internet.

Home Analyzer Home Analyzer is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of energy use in your home, descriptions of measures to reduce energy use, and comparisons to similar homes.

Home Energy Checkup Home Energy Checkup helps identify options for reducing energy costs through energy efficiency improvements. Includes references to more sophisticated software tools, equipment manufacturers, and other sources of information for energy efficiency projects.