Off-Setting Emissions 

Once you've reduced your emissions as much as possible, consider offsetting the remainder of your emissions. By offsetting, you can help fund valuable restoration projects and help the growing renewable energy market. Here are a few examples: 

Plant a tree A single tree will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. Shade provided by trees can also reduce your air conditioning bill by 10 to 15%. The Arbor Day Foundation has information on planting and provides trees you can purchase at a very small price. 

Wind_MillsSupport renewable energy projects Support Native-American owned wind projects, as well as small to medium-sized wind projects located on Wisconsin farms and developed by the Wisconsin company Seventh Generation Energy SystemsSupport other carbon-reduction projects around the world The Climate Trust is one of many examples of organizations supporting technologies and projects that either reduce carbon emissions for help to sequester amounts already in the air.