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 Get Active!



Get involved in the community around you.   Check out places in and around Milwaukee where you can intern, volunteer, or take part in events outside where you can enjoy and protect the Earth!





Here are some ways to get active in the community around you!


Internships, Volunteering, Events


Milwaukee Green Team Partners
The City of Milwaukee has a Green Vision and that vision is carried out by members of the Green Team.  This site has links to all the partners of the Milwaukee Green Team.  These are places where you can get involved in internships or volunteer doing cool, green stuff close to home!

Growing Power
Offering apprenticeships, volunteer opportunities, Youth Corps and much more, Growing Power is leading the way for Milwaukee’s Urban Agriculture.  If you want to get your hands dirty and get involved this is one great way!


The Urban Ecology Center
The Urban Ecology Center on the East Side of Milwaukee offers lots of cool exhibits and volunteer opportunities for kids and adults who are interested in environmental science and ecology!




What Can I Do Today?


Get outdoors and appreciate your natural world!
Read the news about global warming and other environmental issues!
Go online (you already did that, didn’t you!) and read about environmental issues that interest you!