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Actions Speak!


Join the A+ Community of Youth in exploring and enjoying the natural world, and also protecting it by becoming environmentally active in your own life!


There are lots of ways you can make the world a little greener. Whether it’s changing the light bulbs in your house to make them more efficient, getting involved in a local effort to pick up garbage, or making sure that your school recycles. Each and every step you take to make the world around you cleaner and greener helps!! Look below for ideas and examples.


What Can I Do Today?


Little Stuff I can Do...

Avoid plastic containers.

Buy only "recyclable" plastics (#1 or #2) if you must.

Buy drinks in aluminum cans which are readily recycled.

Avoid buying plastic bottles of water.


Buy energy efficient light bulbs instead of incandescent. They use 70 – 75% less energy and save $36 - $59 dollars compared to traditional incandescent and last up to 10 times longer.



Buy paper towels and toilet paper with recycled content to save trees!

Buy ice cream in a cone instead of in a plastic dish that usually comes with a plastic spoon.

Use vinegar and baking soda to clean kitchen drains. Better for the environment.

Wash only full loads in your dishwasher using short cycles for all but the dirtiest dishes, then air-dry. Saves both electricity and water.




Buy computer and writing paper that is made from recycled content.

Bring your iPod back to any Apple store to get recycled. Your good, green deed will be rewarded with a discount on any Apple product bought in the store that day.

Plug your home electronics into power strips, and turn them off when not in use.

Phantom loads (the electricity appliances draw when they’re plugged in and not used) can be big.



Have a vegetarian day each week. This is a great way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet while giving your body a break from continually digesting animal proteins.


Big Stuff I can have my parents do...

Buy energy-efficient appliances. Look for the Energy Star label.

Install a tank-less water heater. The water is heated by a burner as you use it, and you never run out. Save energy dollars and energy.

Support alternative energy sources such as wind power by purchasing electricity produced by them at a slightly higher rate.



Things to Think About

Is Your School Environmentally Friendly??

There are probably lots of ways to make your school greener!!! 

Do you recycle?
Do you have a garden outside?
Can you compost your food waste??
Do you carpool or take the bus??

Your school can use all the creative solutions that kids like you can imagine!!!   One way to get the ball rolling is to check out a program by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources called Wisconsin Green and Healthy Schools   This is a great way to get ideas and raise money to help make your school a little greener!!


How Green is Your House?
Want to help make your house as green as it can be?
You and your family can do a lot to help the environment within your own house!
There are many ways to improve the Ecological Footprint of your home by changing your light bulbs,
making sure your house is well insulated,
thinking carefully about what kinds of chemicals you use to clean and garden with, and much more!
This website can help you begin to get ideas!!! Energy Match!

Kids Can Make a Difference!

Want to find out what other kids are doing???
Lots of kids around the world are taking the environment into their own hands and helping make the world greener!   Here are the stories!!

Florida Girl Says Pump Up!
When Savannah Walters of Odessa Florida found out that Americans waste millions of gallons of gas every day by not properly inflating their tires “…. I couldn't believe that! I said, 'Well then, why don't we just pump them up?' I got my Girl Scout troop to go to our local train station and put tire gauges, balloons, and flyers on everyone's car.”
Click here for more of the story