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Kid’s Guide to the Outdoors

  • Your passport to the many parks, nature centers and special areas in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties
  • Collect stamps and signatures and get a Sierra Club gift
  • Find out more HERE


How to Make a Nature Journal

 Learn how to record your thoughts and impressions as you visit natural areas.

Outdoor Wildlife


White-tailed deer (Wisconsin state animal) have sharp hooves. These give them excellent traction and can be used to dig for food.  They can also signal other deer by stomping their hooves and make scrapes during mating season.

Watch for deer tracks leading to water when you visit parks or natural areas.  Deer are abundant in southeastern Wisconsin.


Want to learn more?  Click here to go to the Wisconsin DNR page about deer.


Environmental Education from the Wisconsin DNR

Learn about animals and habitats of Wisconsin



Learn about wildlife at risk!



Play wild games!





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