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Sierra Club

Links to Organizations and Resources

Sierra Club Sites

Contact Info for Wisconsin's John Muir Chapter & Other Member Groups

Sierra Club - National

Sierra Club Foundation

Sierra Club Student Coalition

Sierra Club Green Home

Sierra Club Green Lifestyle Tips


 Our Close Local Friends

Be Smart - Waste Reduction Coalition

Clean Wisconsin

Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee

Delafield Green Council

Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin

Milwaukee River Keeper Organization

Milwaukee Environmental Consortium

SE WI Coalition for TRANSITNOW

The Park People (Milwaukee County)

Urban Ecology Center

Wisconsin Stewardship Network

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

Waukesha County Green Team

Waukesha Environmental Action League


Conservation & Outdoor Resources

Great Lakes Fishery Commission

Great Lakes Information Network

Green Festivals (In Chicago)

Recycle More Wisconsin

River Alliance of Wisconsin

Save the Clean Water Act

Surf Your Watershed

Treasures of Oz (Ozaukee County)

WI Association of Lakes

WI Bird Photos and Information

Great Lakes Beaches Health Check

Wisconsin Outdoor News

Wisconsin Wetlands Association


Local Government Agencies

City of Milw: Office of Environmental Sustainability

Milwaukee Energy Efficiency Program (ME2)

Milwaukee Shines

WI DNR - Environmental Protection

WI DNR - Natural Resources

US Fish & Wildlife Service - WI Endangered Species


Find Your Government Legislators

Wisconsin State Legislators - Assembly & Senate

US Senate - Wisconsin Senators

US House - Wisconsin Representative


Considerations for Donating to the Sierra Club


The Sierra Club is made up of a variety of organizational entities.  If you would like to make a financial donation to support one entity or effort, you will need to specify your wishes when the donation is made.  This might involve a specific group, chapter, intent or purpose to meet your desires.

Typical options that Sierra Club supporters should consider to make a financial gift.

Tax-Deductible Donations (1-3)
For education, certain outings & portions of newsletters.

Select entity to support

Make check Payable to

Add name to check's memo line

1) Great Waters Group

Sierra Club Foundation

Great Waters Group 

2) John Muir Wisconsin Chapter

Sierra Club Foundation

John Muir Chapter

3) Sierra Club (national)

Sierra Club Foundation

No note needed


Non Tax-Deductible Donations (4-6)
For activities, office expenses, lobbying or determined by the leadership of the entity selected.

Select entity to support

Make check Payable to

4) Great Waters Group

Sierra Club - Great Waters Group

5) John Muir Wisconsin Chapter

Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter

6) Sierra Club (national)

Sierra Club


If donating to either 1 or 4, mail to this address:

For all other donations, mail to this address:

Attention: Great Waters Group - Group Chair
Sierra Club
P.O. Box 26798
Wauwatosa, WI 53226-0798

Sierra Club - Treasurer
P.O. Box 26798
Wauwatosa, WI 53226-0798


To make an online donation, select one of the three links below

Sierra Club Foundation

John Muir Chapter

Sierra Club.

Note: Online forms do not provide you with the ability to direct your donation to a different entity.


Benefits of Joining the Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest and largest grass roots environmental organizations in the United States. The Sierra Club is America's most effective advocate for the environment and the many living things that coexist and share it.  Join us while we explore, enjoy and protect.  The decision is yours.


Sierra Club's Mission

"To Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the wild places on earth; To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources; To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; And to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives."

To join the Sierra Club, click here!

Membership Benefits

Sierra Club members are given many different opportunities to participate in fun filled outings and events that are coordinated by volunteers from the seven Wisconsin member groups and the state Chapter by Club Staff.  Sierra Club also provides programs to learn that cover many different focus areas.  Some programs will enhance personal outdoor experiences while others help to share that enjoyment or learn what decisions will help the environment.  In addition to Sierra Club events, we collaborate with many other local organizations that have similar conservation goals which adds to the list of things to do.

Publications -

Sierra Magazine: Sierra Magazine features spectacular nature photography and in-depth reporting on the hottest environmental issues.  Members receive a one-year subscription to this award-winning magazine.

Discounts: Members also receive discounts on all Sierra Club logo items including our distinguished books and celebrated calendars. Visit the Sierra Club store for more details.

Group and Chapter Newsletters: Great Waters Group Newsletters contain articles and information about experiences, local happenings and issues, along with notices about upcoming outings, programs and events. Our group newsletter includes up-to-date news on local conservation issues, Great Waters Group's activities, programs and outings.   The John Muir Chapter newsletter, the Muir View, provides Sierra Club members with additional informative sources and announcements of activities, issues and outings throughout Wisconsin.

Outings -

Worldwide Outings Program: Sierra Club Outings were awarded 2008 Best Travel Companies on Earth by the editors of National Geographic ADVENTURE Magazine. Whether you want to hike and bike in your own back yard or travel to the far corners of the earth--paddling or pedaling, ski touring or trekking, the Sierra Club has something for almost everyone to enjoy. At the national level, the club offers hundreds of exciting outings, from the tundra to the tropics. If you are an adventurer and distance isn't an issue, visit the Worldwide Outings Program for more information.

Local Outings: Looking to have enjoy and explore the outdoors but what something closer to home? Then check into our local Group outings and the John Muir Chapter outings that are available throughout Wisconsin.

Leading, Volunteering and Making a Difference -

Volunteer Opportunities: The Sierra Club's dedicated member volunteers and grassroots activists make our dollars go further and help produce more effective results. Volunteers receive personal satisfaction through efforts such as preserving irreplaceable wildlands, wildlife, and the promotion of conservation with others who have similar interests.  Member volunteers can also lead, or be involved in, local, state and national conservation campaigns and participate in discussions about conservation issues with political leaders.  Please consider doing more than just paying your membership dues and Volunteer!

Protect the Planet: The Sierra Club is America's most effective advocate for the environment and provides you with the an organized means to protect the environment locally and globally. From community issues and action to lobbying on a state or national level, membership in the Sierra Club will offer you the ability to be kept informed and take action on issues where it will do the most good. See our Learning Programs for more information.



Groups, Chapters, National Organization

What’s a Sierra Club Group?  What’s a Chapter?

Understanding the Sierra Club structure and organization is a little like figuring out quantum physics.  What is the Great Waters Group?  Aren’t we the John Muir Chapter?  And how does that relate to the big national Sierra Club headquartered in Oakland, CA?

All Sierrans are members of the national Sierra Club.  The national Club is governed by a 15-member volunteer Board of Directors.  Michael Brune, formerly of Rainforest Acton Network,  is our Executive Director.  The Club has somewhere around 830,000 members.

One level beneath National is Chapters.  In most cases, each state is a Chapter and a name.  Wisconsin was lucky enough to be named by one of the founders of the Sierra Club, John Muir.  So, we are the John Muir Chapter, made up of almost 19,000 of those national members.  We have a State Executive Director, Bill Davis, with an office and support staff in Madison.wiscgroups

Finally, each state is partitioned into Groups.  In Wisconsin, we have seven (7) regional groups.  You can see the names of the Groups and where they are in the State on the map below.  Our local Group is called the “Great Waters Group” (GWG). 

Lying in the southeastern region of the State, our 4,400 members comprise Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha, and Washington Counties, with some members also in Dodge County. 

We have a Volunteer Leadership Council that offers Outings, Programs, and environmental actions for our local members.   This website is an example of a GWG initiative.

The Mission of the Sierra Club is:

"To Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the wild places on earth;  To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's  ecosystems and resources;  To educate and enlist humanity to  protect and restore the quality of the natural and  human environment;  And to use all lawful means to carry out  these objectives."


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